This is a workshop that can be attended by everybody with an interest in food security and safety and the reduction of food loss and food waste in value chains. During this session, Rabobank will present their project ‘The Cool Move’. The focus of this project is on reducing food loss and food waste in fruit and vegetable value chains of emerging markets in Africa. One of the main solutions is developing local cold storages through financially feasible business cases.

We will also learn from the experiences of Celtic Cooling, one of the leading suppliers of cold storage solutions in Africa. With their local presence in several countries, they provide construction, installation and maintenance of cold storages at farms, (air-)ports and other locations.

Flying Swans and Invest International will introduce their collaboration on sustainable fresh produce value chain development. Their objective is to promote local and regional economic growth, increase export earnings and reduce food loss and food waste. This is done through the development of cool logistics corridors for the collection, handling and export of fresh fruit and vegetables via sea freight to overseas markets.

Please find the presentation used during the workshop here.

Rabobank, Celtic Cooling, Flying Swans and Invest International

Conference Organiser

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