Embark on a journey toward a sustainable and resilient energy future by joining our workshop to discuss solar power for energy transition. Geared towards industry professionals, policymakers, and energy enthusiasts, this workshop aims to explore solar energy solutions, fostering understanding and collaboration in the global shift towards cleaner, more sustainable energy solutions. 

Topics covered:

Empowering Sub-Saharan Africa: Financing and Developing Solar PV Projects for Sustainable Energy Growth by Mr. Pepijn Kuijpers, Project Manager, AAAS Energy.

We at AAAS Energy are dedicated to enabling sustainable energy growth in Sub-Saharan Africa through financing and developing solar PV projects. Join us as we explore innovative strategies, financing models, and success stories driving the transition to renewable energy. Together, we’ll empower communities, promote economic development, and combat climate change. Let’s unlock the potential of solar energy for a brighter future! 




Dutch Contributions to Namibian Energy Ambitions, the Dutch Way by Mr. Gerard den Otter, the Chief Technical Officer of TerraWatt.

Namibia has a strong ambition to develop its country in many ways. Gas and oil have been found off the coast of Namibia, but it also wants to develop other sectors such as mining, tourism, agriculture and energy (green hydrogen). It all requires energy, but also a skilled workforce, funds, off-takers, collaborations and a decent legal structure. This is a typical Dutch opportunity and I like to explain and explore these with you! 





Innovation in a Broken Grid: How Rana Unlocks the Dutch Impact for Nigeria’s Solar Transition by Mr. Abraham Mohammed, Co-Founder and CEO, Rana Energy

The state of Nigeria’s grid is dire, leaving businesses and communities reliant on expensive and toxic fuel backup generators. However, recent technological, political, and economic changes have created an opportune moment for a game-changing alternative: solar and storage systems. Despite abundant sunlight, transitioning to solar has historically been challenging. But with these seismic shifts, I’m thrilled to discuss how we can harness the Dutch impact and accelerate Nigeria’s transition to solar energy 


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