During the last 25 years, the urban population in Morocco has grown from 13 million people to more than 22 million people, counting now for over sixty percent of the total population of 35 million people. This sharp increase in the urban population has confronted the Moroccan
government with numerous challenges including a large housing deficit, congested infrastructure, pressure on sewage system, sanitation problems, etc. Therefore, the Moroccan government has initiated various multi-billion investment programs to combat these urban challenges such as a social housing program to reduce the housing deficit for the urban poor, large real estate projects (inner-city developments) to attract new private investments, public works (tramways, ring roads, parking garages), and large logistics zones on the outskirts of the cities. These large urban projects offer private and (semi-)public organizations interesting business opportunities in Morocco. Although Morocco is only 14 km located from Spain, doing business successfully in Morocco is quite different compared to Europe. During this workshop, therefore, not only information is provided about the investment opportunities in the various main cities in Morocco, but also how to enter this fast-growing market in Africa.

ORGANIZED BY: MEYS Emerging Markets Research

Conference Organiser

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