Innovative small wind energy systems can complement the portfolio for generating sustainable energy. What is on the market, what are the (dis)advantages, what is the place and value of small wind for realizing sustainability goals and or off-grid energy solutions from a government and citizen perspective? What is needed from a government level to make wind energy policies and transitions succeed?

In this workshop the chairman of the Netherlands Wind Energy Association (NWEA, Hans Timmers) will introduce us to the challenges of energy transition on a country and EU level with first hand stories on a policy and industry level.

Roy Osinga (Regional Manager EU, Flower Turbines) shares how and when small wind can fit in urban energy transition ambitions and how sustainability allows communities to secure their own stable energy production.

Willem van der Merwe (Managing Director, Amphibious Energy) will focus on the use of all-in-one, transportable, off-grid hybrid (wind- and solar-power with storage) options for remote and special offshore and onshore locations.

We end with a discussion where the individual countries can share their thoughts and needs. So that a clear outcome can be defined for the future, and what is needed to make the step towards investing into small wind and/or scaling up.

ORGANIZED BY: The Netherlands Wind Energy Association (NWEA); Amphibious Energy; Flower Turbines LCC

Conference Organiser

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