The key to successful PPPs

Africa Works!2019 is a great initiative both as a theme as in timing since Africa’s business is experiencing a real positive revolution (McKinsey). Its success is highly dependent on a massive improvement of its infrastructure in the realm of power, water, transport and ICT
(PwC). However, the still existing shortage in infrastructure spending (capital investments and maintenance) remains a concern (Worldbank, ICA). Some voices express the need for a strategic shift in orientation (RoyalhaskoningDHV). Good news is that the AU and the EU have concluded a strategic partnership including infrastructure investments!

Last years, the Netherlands was considered the place to be in regard to PPP infrastructure investments. During this period the Netherlands Government tendered more than EUR 12 billion of such investments via PPPs. Currently, it is on the verge of a strategic shift on infrastructure tendering. This shift is triggered by 10 years of lessons learned on PPP tendering, construction and maintenance. PwC has been the advisor to the Netherlands State on almost all PPP projects.

During our workshop, we will share our NL PPP experience and discuss its relevance with respect to African infrastructure. Participants will be provided with an overview and insights in critical success factors and challenges that public and private PPP stakeholders face. Different questions will be addressed from an organizational, risk, legal and tax perspective. The workshop will have an interactive character.


Conference Organiser

NABC is the leading Dutch networking organization for trade and investment facilitation on the African continent.