Explore the forefront of cold chain innovation and elevate your expertise in our workshop, which delves into cutting-edge strategies and technologies to enhance the effectiveness of international and regional cold chains. Explore the latest developments in eco-friendly and energy-efficient refrigeration, discuss strategies to optimise costs while maintaining high-quality standards, and analyse real-world examples of successful cold chain optimisation initiatives. 

Topics covered:

Application of the Passive Cold Chain Solution for Milk Preservation and Transportation in sub-Saharan Africa by Dr. Asaah Ndambi, Senior International Animal Production Specialist, Wageningen University & Research

In most sub-Saharan countries, milk marketing systems suffer from poor milk quality, unfunctional quality control systems, and no pricing based on quality or demand/supply fluctuations. Most of the marketed milk passes through an informal channel, making quality control more challenging. Also, in most cases, milk collection is only done once, limiting farmers from the opportunity to sell their evening milk, and leading to a great loss of a potential source of income. On the other hand, many milk processors are operating below their installed capacities. IKIC Impact Ventures BV, a Belgium-based company, is piloting a passive cold chain solution that preserves evening milk till morning. This solution is especially effective in low-resource settings with limited accessibility, reliability, and affordability of energy and transportation. The solution uses thermostatic batteries with stainless steel casings containing a phase-changing material, which allows a stable and predictable cooling environment for temperature-sensitive products such as milk. The technology is recent and has been proven to effectively lower milk temperature and maintain its quality overnight in Ethiopia. 

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