During this session, we will learn about the latest developments in the sphere of seeds and sustainable food cultivation from the top of the world’s vegetable seed companies and a frontrunner in biological crop protection.

We hear from Solynta, a research-based agricultural company that has succeeded in introducing ‘hybrid potato seeds’ – whereas up to now, only so-called ‘seed-potatoes’ (in size comparable to small potatoes) have been used to breed new potatoes. This innovation can be seen as revolutionary, since it will greatly reduce transport volumes -and thus costs- for potato companies.

We will then hear from Enza Zaden about their efforts in investing in climate-resilient and organic seeds. Lastly, Koppert, an expert in biological crop protection, will shine light on their solutions for sustainable and biological cultivation of food crops and ornamental plants- in partnership with growers and nature.

Please find the presentation used during the workshop here.

ORGANIZED BY: Solynta and Koppert

Conference Organiser

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