The belief that an interdisciplinary approach to design leads to sustainable spaces and an enhanced user experience led architect Duzan Doepel and interior architect Eline Strijkers to team up in 2007 to form DoepelStrijkers. Driven by a fascination for aesthetics with the substance they generate work that transcends the spatial by creating social, ecological and economic value. Giving form to the process and financing is just as important as the design itself. A firm belief that design can act as an agent for social renewal leads to strategies that contribute to both a circular and inclusive economy.

Over the last ten years, they have developed concepts and realized projects from installations to large-scale interiors, architecture and urban interventions in which these principles are integrated. They are currently working on a disruptive solution for healthcare housing, a nature-based pavilion for the Floriade Expo, several museum conversions, new retail formulas and a radical concept for a building as a cluster of services. Over the last decade, their work has gained worldwide appreciation through numerous publications, exhibitions and awards.

Duzan Doepel will talk about The Dutch “Windwheel”, an architectural landmark, innovative windmill and a true showcase for climate architecture. The Dutch Windwheel is an example of contemporary architecture with maximum opportunities for experience design and energy production. Sixteen companies and research institutes have joined forces to develop the Dutch Windwheel. These organizations are all working on a program, aiming to combine, scale and market all kinds of promising technical innovations at the nexus of water, energy, and building technology.

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