Dr. Amany Asfour is the President of the Africa Business Council

Dr. Amany Asfour has graduated from the Faculty of Medicine – Cairo University and had her Master’s Degree & M.D. degree in Pediatrics at the National Research Center of Egypt.

She joined the private sector when she was a student at the Faculty of Medicine. Within a few years, she was able to establish her company for Health Care Management and Medical equipment with more than 30 brands. Her interests were not limited to establishing her private business only but soon she realized the importance of creating an organization targeting the Economic Empowerment of Women, Young Women Entrepreneurship Promotion, and  Creating New jobs and Descent work for women, Empowering women through Trade and Access to Market. As a result, she established the Egyptian Business Women Association in 1995 with the objectives of promoting young generations of Women Entrepreneurs & giving guidance to women business owners of Small & Medium enterprises, increasing the role of women in the value chain and value addition. Dr. Asfour then established The Federation of Business & Professional Women BPW – Egypt from her belief that financial independence for women gives them the Power of Choice & Voice. She directed her activities toward the Economic Empowerment of Women, Capacity Building, and Development of Human Resources & to stress equal opportunity for girls and women for education & training and promotion of Women in Science and Technology and STEM Education (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

From her belief that African Women Should have one voice and that Empowerment of African Women is the Key to Africa’s development and prosperity, Dr. Asfour founded the African Alliance for Women Empowerment (AFRAWE) which has focal points all over Africa and its main target is Women Empowerment in Africa and establishing projects and marketing of products for women entrepreneurs and women owners of small & medium enterprises in the African continent for Africa’s economic Growth and increasing Intra Africa Trade.

Dr. Asfour is the founder and Chair of the African Congress for Women Entrepreneurs.

Dr. Asfour is also elected as the Chair of COMFWB (FEMCOM)-Egypt Federation of Business Women Associations in the COMESA Region (Common Market for Eastern & Southern Africa). Dr. Asfour was also elected as the Chair of the COMESA Business Council the apex Body of the Private sector in COMESA and she is the first woman to chair this organization for 2 terms till 2018. She is working on the Economic Integration of Africa and she has established her new company Africa Vision for the Economic Integration of Africa through increasing Intra African trade and implementing the Africa Continental Free Trade Area and the Africa We Want.

Dr. Asfour also believes in the importance of Scientific Research & Technology for development, she is the Secretary General of the African Society for Scientific Research & Technology where her target is Accelerating Industrialization in Africa through Technology and Scientific Research and Adding Value to the raw materials of Africa. Also promotion of Women in Science & Technology and transfer of technology for women in Business in all fields especially Agriculture and Agribusiness and support of SMEs.

Dr. Asfour was elected in November 2021 as the President of the Africa Business Council which was established in line with the African Heads of States Decision Summit for boosting intra-Africa Trade and implementation of AfCFTA to be the voice of the African Private Sector.

Dr. Asfour has been awarded many awards from Egypt, Africa, the Arab world, the Islamic world and from all over the world.

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