Africa Works! 2016

Innovation in Finance

10 & 11 November
Royal Tropical Institute, Amsterdam


What is Africa Works?

Founded in 2012 by the Netherlands-African Business Council (NABC) and the African Studies Centre (ASC Leiden), Africa Works! is a leading international platform dedicated to inform, inspire, and connect the Dutch private sector with the various regional industries of Africa.

Third Edition

Growth cannot do without private sector investment whereas finance is essential in making this happen. This third edition of NABC’s flagship conference promises to be a prominent B2B platform focusing on finance for Africa’s growing economies.

Why Participate?

For Companies: Whether you’re looking to get access to finance, want to learn more about inclusive finance or want to minimize your risks while investing in smallholders, Africa Works! offers many invaluable workshops organized by high-profile partners, such as FMO, RVO, NpM and VC4Africa. Africa Works! is the best way to get caught up on new solutions and developments in the financial sector.

For NGO’s: Non- Profits and NGO’s will find innovative ways to finance their projects in the African context. The conference will give insight in government instruments and commercial financial services that can help you in achieving your goals and increase your impact.

For Knowledge Institutes: Beside ample networking with companies and non-profits, Africa Works! is the place to get caught up on new solutions and developments in the financial sector to support new and impactful policies.


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