Africa Works! 2018

Founded in 2012 by the Netherlands-African Business Council (NABC), Africa Works! is a thematic bi-annual conference organized to position, promote and market the African continent as a valuable trade and investment destination dedication – one that can inform, inspire, and connect the Dutch private sector with various regional industries. Africa Works! 2018 will be the fourth edition, which was previously held in 2012, 2014, and 2016.

Fourth Edition

This year, NABC’s flagship event will feature the theme of Future African Cities.

Building Future African Cities: We will be showcasing a number of the infrastructure, housing and commercial development, water and sanitation capital projects in Africa; and provide a platform for suppliers, financiers, contractors, project developers and governments to interact and network.

Powering Future African Cities: Untapped opportunities in the energy sector in Africa will be highlighted; we will present case studies for energy projects across Africa, and provide a platform for suppliers, financiers, project developers and governments to network. 

Why Participate?

Africa Works! targets the Dutch and African private sectors, knowledge and Financial institutions, NGOs and Civil Society. The objective is to highlight specific opportunities in a sector and provide a platform to participants, enabling them to make relevant connections that would lead to significant business relations.

For Companies: Whether you’re looking to get access to finance, want to learn more about inclusive finance or want to minimize your risks while investing in smallholders, Africa Works! offers many invaluable workshops organized by high-profile partners, such as FMO, RVO, NpM and VC4Africa. Africa Works! is the best way to get caught up on new solutions and developments in the financial sector.

For NGO’s: Non- Profits and NGO’s will find innovative ways to finance their projects in the African context. The conference will give insight in government instruments and commercial financial services that can help you in achieving your goals and increase your impact.

For Knowledge Institutes: Beside ample networking with companies and non-profits, Africa Works! is the place to get caught up on new solutions and developments in the financial sector to support new and impactful policies.

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Conference Organiser

The Netherlands African Business Council (NABC), is a member-based organization whose vision is to see Africa become an economically thriving continent that is globally competitive in trade and investment.