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Investor Session

This workshop offers participants hands-on practical insights on how to be a successful venture capital investor in Africa today. Hear from the pioneers in the industry and learn from their years of experience closing deals on the continent. Find out about the latest trends in the industry and the pitfalls to watch out for as an investor. There is an open Questions and Answers session and ample room for discussion.

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What is this workshop about?

Ben Zwinkels, Chairman of the Board of AfricInvest and NABC, explains how the venture capital industry started on the continent and highlights key milestones for the industry. Ben White, Founder of the Venture Capital for Africa (VC4Africa) network, presents the latest data on early stage Africa investing, while distinguished panel members Vincent Kouwenhoven (eVA Fund), Eline Blaauboer (TBL Mirror Fund) and Eelco Benink (InReturn Capital) share their experience and learnings gained from years of investing in African ventures. Hear about their experiences raising funds and the invaluable lessons gained from deploying capital on the continent.


What is the state of the African venture capital industry today? What are the key opportunities present in the market, but what are also the critical challenges investors must overcome if they want to invest successfully? How to go about identifying opportunities, tips for conducting due diligence and pitfalls to watch out for when closing the deal? What are the key challenges companies face and where are the exit opportunities? Take advantage of the Questions and Answers session to engage these experts one on one, as we identify the best strategies and approaches for investing in Africa successfully.


This workshop is interesting for (impact) investors and aspiring entrepreneurs alike. It caters to anyone raising a fund or interested in investing in African based ventures.

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VC4Africa – African venture finance starts here


VC4Africa is a fast growing community of entrepreneurs and investors dedicated to building game changing companies on the African continent. The leading Africa platform for startup funding, VC4Africa connects 35,000 members active in 159 countries. More than 1200 early stage investors are part of the investor network and the platform lists more than 6,000 ventures active in 46 markets across the continent. In 2015, 104 transactions were closed for USD 73 million in investment. Entrepreneurs part of the network have access to free online tools, mentorship opportunities and the ability to raise capital. Investors with a Pro Account have access to sophisticated dashboards, can follow ventures they like, set up intelligent alerts, and connect to members directly. Get involved and join the community today!



Twitter: @VC4Africa

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