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How to Manage Risks in Financing Smallholder Investments

This interactive workshop aims to explore the opportunities for risk management in finance for smallholders. The results of African Expert meetings and various case studies will be discussed. This forms the base for the growth of ideas for joint action between the participants and the networks.

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What is this workshop about?

The study “Finance for Smallholders: Opportunities for risk management by linking financial institutions and producer organizations” by NpM, AgriProFocus and FBKP revealed that 1) risk management should be a common agenda, 2) access to finance relies not just on financial risk management, 3)  farmers’ organisations are vital for exploiting the full potential of risk management in smallholder agriculture, 4) Microfinance and Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise (SME) finance are linked, 5) new roles are taken up by financiers and 6) facilitators play a crucial role.

These conclusions were based on case studies among the members of NpM and AgriProFocus in Ethiopia, Mali, Rwanda and Uganda and were further explored during national expert meetings in Rwanda, Burundi, Ethiopia (2015), Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya (July 2016) and Mali and Benin (October 2016).

During the workshop at AfricaWorks! we will share the results of the study with you as well as the findings of the national expert meetings. In a lively manner we will discuss your views on the study and joint actions planned on national level. This will be topped off with a brainstorm on what the participants and the networks NpM and AgriProFocus can do together to facilitate the proposed actions on an (inter)national level.


Facilitators of the Workshop: Josien Sluijs, Mariel Mensink en Lisette van Benthum.

Workshop Organizer

AgriProFocus is an international network with Dutch roots that promotes agri-entrepreneurship in low- and middle income countries. We are active in 12 countries in Africa & Asia and offer a market place (online and offline) where people can meet, do business and share experiences & knowledge with other agri­business players. It is a neutral platform where stakeholders, throughout the whole value chain, join forces.

Platform for Inclusive Finance (NpM) promotes inclusive finance and stimulates access to finance in underserved regions. Our activities are directed to the contribution of the financial sector in reaching the SDGs. The platform, brings together development organisations, social investors, private foundations and commercial banks from The Netherlands.

Within the Food and Business Knowledge Platform international networks and organizations of business, science, civil society and policy collaborate in the field of food and nutrition security. They identify knowledge issues that are relevant now and in the future and initiate learning and research. The Platform disseminates lessons learned and highlights promising innovations that will contribute to local and global food security.

For more information about the workshops, feel free to get in touch with our Head of Operations: Heleen Keijer: +31 (0)70 304 3621 or via africaworks@nabc.nl.