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Accelerating Better Health and Wealth through Digital Technology

Digital technology offers huge opportunities to tackle Africa’s poor health statistics. This workshop will highlight innovations that are currently being implemented in Kenya, such as a mobile health wallet and a mobile cash advance product.

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What is this workshop about?

Digital technology can make both finance and healthcare more efficient, more accessible and more effective. More than 90% of people in Africa use a simple mobile phone. Not just to talk or text socially, but also to exchange much needed information and to transfer money. This offers huge opportunities to tackle Africa’s poor health statistics.

PharmAccess and Amref Flying Doctors are working together in an innovative partnership that brings together knowledge, quality and financing of healthcare for women and their families in Kenya with a mobile health wallet as key component. Funds in the wallet can only be used to pay for healthcare at selected facilities. Healthcare providers are trained (through m-learning) and supported to improve upon the delivery of care. This initiative – MHAKIKA – is supported by the Dutch Postcode Lottery.

The growing role of the mobile phone in day-to-day financial services can also help tackle one of the most pressing issues: access to finance. The Medical Credit Fund works with African banks to help companies in the healthcare sector access capital. Through loans from USD 1000 up to 2.5m, they can invest in their business and improve the quality of their services. One of the newest developments is an innovative mobile cash advance product. The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs is an important funder of the work of PharmAccess and the Medical Credit Fund.




  • Alice Muchichi, Senior Program Manager M-TIBA, PharmAccess
  • Marjolein Ooijevaar, Senior Portfolio Manager, Amref
  • Ties Kroeze, Venture Manager, Philips Africa Incubator
  • Dorien Mulder, Investment Manager, Medical Credit Fund

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