Media Relations

Arne Doornebal is the primary press contact for Africa Works! If you are a member of the media, please contact him directly via email at or phone +316 23220286.

Arne has been working as a journalist with a focus on Africa for over a decade, and he lived in Uganda and South Sudan for nearly seven years as a professional journalist.

Media coverage of Africa Works! 2018

  • Press release ‘Africa Works! naar Rotterdam’ (Dutch) 
  • Press release ‘Africa Works! to take place in Rotterdam.
  • NABC’s Arne Doornebal speaking about Africa Works! on Radio 1 (The Spraakmaker program) on March 30th, 2018. 

Media coverage of Africa Works! 2016

Media coverage of the 2014 edition of Africa Works! (TV)

  • Nieuwsuur Thursday 16 oct 2014, Africa Works in times of Ebola. Not online anymore. Quoted Marina Diboma, Ton Dietz et al.
  • RTL7 Business Channel (ASC: 5:10 min.-8:50 min.; quoted Marieke van Winden, Ton Dietz, Jos Damen & Peter Justin; and a.o. Africa Works and ambas. Rwanda)