Confirmed keynote speaker: Edward Effah

Confirmed keynote speaker: Edward Effah

Edward Effah

Mr. Effah established The Fidelity Group in October 1998 after a successful career as a senior finance executive. Fidelity is a financial services group consisting of Fidelity Bank Ghana Limited (FBGL), Fidelity Asia Bank Limited (FABL), Fidelity Securities Limited (FSL), Fidelity Capital Partners Limited (Mustard Capital Partners Limited or MCPL), Fidelity Equity Fund 1 Limited and Fidelity Equity Fund 2 Limited.

FBGL was launched in October 2006 and has grown to become the third largest bank in Ghana with total assets exceeding USD 1.1 billion; it has amassed over one million customers and has 75 branches across the country. Under Mr. Effah’s leadership Fidelity has established itself on the Ghanaian market in terms of reputation, profitability and assets management.

In an interview earlier this year with Citi Business News, a Ghanaian news outlet, Mr. Effah was asked how heavily he planned to invest in technology this year. He replied that Fidelity has “embarked on a digital journey where we are seeing globally that people are using technology a lot, they deposit money, they transact so we are investing heavily in our internet banking portal and platform; we are investing heavily in our corporate banking platform; in mobile banking impulse and a lot of technology that will enable our customers to bank at their convenience without having to go to the branch.

This is a trend that will continue and we expect to see a lot of Financial Technology (Fintech), coming into the market so that we might be able to transfer money on Facebook and other things.”

It is easy to see why Mr. Effah is so perfectly positioned to be a keynote speaker at this year’s Africa Works! Innovation in Finance Conference. Under his stewardship, Fidelity Bank in August 2016 won the best bank of the year award. He is the Group CEO and Board Chairman of the Fidelity Group.