AgriProFocus becomes conference Content Partner

AgriProFocus becomes conference Content Partner


An international network with Dutch roots, AgriProFocus promotes agri-entrepreneurship in 12 low- and middle income countries throughout Africa & Asia. The organisation also offers a market place (online and offline) in the Netherlands where you can meet, do business and share experiences & knowledge with other agri­business players. This is a neutral platform where stakeholders, throughout the whole value chain, join forces.

AgriProFocus believes that entrepreneurial farmers are key to realizing food and nutrition security for 9 billion people in 2050. They create new opportunities by supporting agri-entrepreneurship and fostering an enabling environment.

A dedicated team connects agribusiness professionals by providing an extensive supportive network with approximately  25,000 entrepreneurs. New partnerships and collaborations are brokered on your behalf;  in doing so, they can help you with information, contacts and establish links with (inter)national businesses in our networks.

The organisation is passionate about finding innovative solutions to your agribusiness challenges. They foster the development of strong communities of practice, to address key challenges in various value chains. Different stakeholders co-create new knowledge and develop innovative solutions. Via expert meetings, online platform and policy and advocacy groups, they invite you to share your ideas, knowledge and business innovations to facilitate exchange and mutual learning.

Their active network partners are: Agribusiness companies; Producer organizations; NGOs; Knowledge institutes; Financial service providers; Government agencies.